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Korean Fashion Codi Set

Korean Fashion Codi Set
Style guide & Outfit ideas for Korean style😃😁

Red dotted singlet top
Denim shorts
 Black sandals
 Brown cross body bag

Purple checkered blouse
White mini skirt
White Sandals
Purple shoulder bag

Red striped off-shoulder top
Black skinny jeans
Black heels
Red tote

Orange graphic t-shirt
Lace long sleeves
Ripped jean shorts
White platform sneakers

Brown brooklyn singlet top
Black shorts
Black cross sandals
Khaki cross body bag
Credits: Marishe

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Netizens Praise Red Velvet Irene’s Perfect Side Profile!

Red Velvet’s Irene looks absolutely stunning in her recent live photos!

She performed at the 2018 Dream Concert in a red top, revealing her feminine charm. Fans who saw the photos commented, ‘perfect side profile’, ‘she looks unreal’, ‘too gorgeous to be true’ and etc.

Check out the photos attached, do you agree with them?


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This Beautiful Idol Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction + Handles It Professionally!

Lovelyz Yein suffers a wardrobe malfunction at her latest performance.

Yein’s top struggles to stay down in the fancam shown below, after one try she gives up and continues to focus on her performance.

Yein receives much compliment from fans, check out the fancam below


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‘GFRIEND’ Week Is Official, Won On All Music Shows!

GFRIEND prove their immense popularity with this splendid achievement!

The girls won on all music shows this week. Music Bank, Music Core, Show Champion, M! Countdown, The Show, Inkigayo, you name it, they have it!

Congratulations to GFRIEND for the achievement, the girls will promote in Japan after ending their promotion, wish them more success!


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APINK’s Bomi Is The Master Of Weight Control, Gain And Lose Weight In A Blink Of An Eye!

Netizens discover that APINK’s Bomi is so good at controlling her weight!

Admit it, weight control is part of a KPop idol’s duty. However, Bomi does it better than anyone else. Netizens who have been following Bomi for quite some time discover that each time Apink is coming back with a new song, Bomi will present her best weight. When the girls were on hiatus, she appeared to gain weight.

Check out the photos below, do you agree with them?

// Bomi

Active Bomi

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