Netizens Bash TWICE Jeongyeon’s Bare Face!

Netizens share their opinions regarding TWICE Jeongyeon’s bare face

She appeared at the airport earlier today for upcoming schedule. However, fans commented, ‘she looks so average without makeup’, ‘is it because of the weather, she looks sick’, ‘she needs rest, she ages a lot’ and etc.

What do you think?

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Netizens Criticize The Provocative Outfits And Choreography Of This Girl Group!

Girl group Berry Good hosted their comeback showcase in Seoul yesterday
The girls appeared in singlets and shorts at their comeback showcase, causing nosebleed with their performance. However, there are netizens who criticize the girls for being too provocative, do you agree with them?
Share your thoughts!


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Netizens Discuss Park Bom’s Recent Photo


1. What’s that face and what happened to her arms?

2. Did she get carboxy shots? All the bruises on her legs

3. The journalist doesn’t seem to know the difference between toned and let herself go

4. I think she got liposuction. What a mess with Sunye trying to come back on top of Park Bom, both the reasons their respective groups were broken up. So shameless.

5. She has a transgender feel ㅠ

6. She looks like an ahjumma with a lot of aerobics experience

7. Her arm…

8. Did she get liposuction on her arm? It looks like they messed up

9. Enough with the shots

10. Did she get liposuction on her arm?

11. ㅋㅋ Short neck, wide shoulders, her top half is so imbalanced

12. What’s up with her arm?

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Source : DKPopNews
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