SM Entertainment’s Visuals Can Be Categorised Into 4 Types


Let’s check out the types of SM Visual below!

1. The ‘Horse Face’

    The so-called ‘Horse Face’ means a long and pointy face.  In SM, Kangta, Super Junior’s Siwon,          Trax’s Jay, EXO’s Suho and SJ-M’s Zhou Mi are the singers who have ‘Horse Face’.

2. Visual Member (‘Deer Face’)
    ‘Deer Face’ means the centre visual of a group!

3. The ‘Watermelon Face’

    What the netizens call as “수박상 (watermelon face)” is an abbreviation, the full meaning is “수만      이가박수칠상 (flattering)”.

4. The ‘Dinosaur Face’

    The SM Family also has ‘Dinosaur Face’! Super Junior’s Donghae, SHINee’s Jong-hyun, f(x)’s            Amber, EXO’s Chen and NCT’s Jeno are in the dinosaur family!

Source : DKPopNews
Via 24-7 K-Pop News

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